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I've spent over 2 decades working in the Information Technology field – Training, troubleshooting, installing and selling hardware and software systems.  Many of the companies I sold IT services to were expanding and building additions to their business. After meeting with C-level executives to discuss or close their IT deals I would often gravitate to the construction crew on site to ask about code requirements or just inquire about what they were working on next or the brand of equipment they were using, etc.  In the past 10 years I’ve gained a tremendous amount of experience working on homes; installing drywall, replacing water heaters, building fences with automated gate openers, restoring trashed property back into beautiful living spaces and much, much more.  Repairing and restoring property is a rewarding feeling and our customers are very appreciative when they see their property transition right before their eyes.  I look forward to meeting new people that I can help everyday.  When you need repair work done or have a home project or restoration in mind call Right-Track and let us know how we can help you.

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