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Can You Fix My Rotten Door!

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Replace or Restore?

Some homeowners prefer to maintain the homes' integrity by restoring its original equipment. Others may choose to discard and start anew. Upon first glance of this picture some homeowners may throw up their hands and say it's a lost- let's just replace it. But not so fast!

Yes, this door has been exposed to seasons of water damage due to a drainage problem in the home and it looks like it's seen it's best days. But better days could be ahead. With the drainage problem resolved the owners took the time to find out what their options were for getting their door operational again.

Let's look at some of those options:

  1. Purchase new doors that will look similar, but not exact since they were installed over 50 years ago by the previous homeowner.

  2. Have new doors custom built to measurements, panes, beveled windows, etc. Effective, but costly and would take a considerable amount of time to replicate.

  3. Keep the original doors and restore them back to their original condition. Total effort would take less than a week, yield a lower cost than a new door and installation would be quick because the same door is going back in its' original opening.

A Decision Has Been Reached!

After careful consideration and multiple vendor quotes this customer decided to keep the original doors and have Right-Track Property Restoration restore them back to their original condition. Upon placement, the homeowners noticed that the frame and some of the other doors would look better if they were restored as well, so they requested a face-lift for the remaining 18 doors in their breezeway.

When it comes to your home find out what all of your options are before you make a decision that may cost you more than you want to spend without the outcome to match. If you have a door project you've been putting off give us a call and ask for a free estimate.

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