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When it Rains It Pours - In My House!

Water entering window above center beam area.

Does water enter your home when it rains? If so it is imperative to take action immediately to avoid a more costly repair. Water could be entering your home from the windows for a number of reasons, but here are some of the most common issues:

1. Sealing around window has deteriorated: Window leaks are very common in older homes due to weather variations, temperature and just the settling of the structure over time. When either of these conditions occur, it causes the window to lose it's air tight seal and eventually allows a considerable amount of water to penetrate the window.

2. Exterior wall surface has defects: Sometimes the exterior surface of the home, i.e. stucco cracks just above the windows can cause an opening for water to enter. Sealing these cracks with the proper material can stop the leak as well as keep the opening from getting larger avoiding structural problems.

3. Roof Leak: If there is a problem on the roof, water can seep into your home through your attic, down the wall and ultimately drip from the header (top of the window area). In this case you may notice other areas in the walls that appear wet. You'll want to address this right away to avoid the need of tearing out and replacing the entire wall.

4. Missing Caulking around window: If you notice a draft near your window check the caulking to see if it's filled in properly around the exterior of the window - especially on new or remodeled homes. Southern California usually doesn't get much rain so waiting to test for leaks in a rain storm could take some time. For new and remodeled homes check caulking yearly. If you're in an established older home check about every 5 years.

5. Window glazing has deteriorated: Glazing is the material used to keep windows securely in place and creates a weather tight seal. Over time it hardens like a stiff piece of trim around the window and as a result may crack or peel. This deterioration can continue until there's little or no glaze left around the window. If the glazing is missing around the majority of the glass your window is vulnerable to leaks. In addition the glass could become loose enough to slide out and cause damage or injury.

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A water leak of any kind in your home can cause a lot of stress and anxiety; especially if you don't know where it's coming from. Don't let it stress you out. Give us a call and let us figure it out and get you back on dry land.

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